RAD History

Our core belief at Rent-A-Daughter is that every person, throughout every season of life, is deserving of love and respect. Since 1985 we have had the privilege of embodying that belief by helping older and convalescing adults live their lives to the fullest. Celebrating each of life's seasons, we are committed to providing caring hands for aging hearts.

Caring is the foundation upon which this agency was built. Helga Willett established Rent-A-Daughter in 1985 after she experienced the inability to locate a personal caregiver to assist with care for her convalescing mother. Ms. Willett led the company until her retirement in 2001 when Rob and Jean Henke took ownership.

Today, Rob and Jean continue the Rent-A-Daughter tradition of providing exceptional care. As the former president of a senior living community, Rob has dedicated much of his professional life to assuring that the dignity of seniors is maintained. Together he and Jean strive to promote and sustain a network of people to care for older adults. Their mission is to ensure that every client is treated with the respect and love they deserve.

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