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Helpful Videos for Caregivers and Family Members of People With Dementia

Teepa Snow is a dementia expert who trains and consults for healthcare professionals and family caregivers. As a certified Occupational Therapist, Teepa has the unique medical perspective on how the brain controls our body and our behaviors, giving her the perfect medical degree to explain how a brain disease like dementia affects a person. Teepa has extensive experience as the key note speaker at dementia conferences, presenting single sessions to small groups, as well as all day in-depth trainings. All RAD caregivers watch her Alzheimer Modules, Accepting the Challenge: Providing the Best Care for People with Dementia within their first 90 days of working for Rent-A-Daughter. The comments we receive about these training videos are always positive! Teepa does an excellent job connecting with her audience and sharing relevant information in an engaging manner.

Now Teepa offers more DVDs available for purchase geared for both professional and family caregivers on the site Dementia Care Academy, as well as an hour long free seminar on youtube split into six short segments. We highly recommend our caregivers and the families of our clients with dementia to take the time to watch these youtube videos, covering how to manage caregiving stress, giving medication, effective communication skills and much more. Incorporating the techniques Teepa Snow shares will greatly enhance the visits you have with your client or loved one with dementia!

Seminar by Teepa Snow, Dementia Specialist

Part 1: Breathe

Part 2: Senses

Part 3: Taste & Pills

Part 4: It Starts With You

Part 5: Movement & Rhythm

Part 6: The Promise, Take Me Home, Missing Things

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