Devotional Thoughts for Caregivers

Links to Encourage Mon, Dec 14 2015

Rent-A-Daughter recently discontinued sending out paper checks to our caregivers, which ended our practice of including a printed scripture reading or devotional thought in the envelope. We realize that many of our caregivers will miss this form of encouragement, and we want to provide other means of spiritual refreshment to uplift and inspire you in your days of caregiving service. The links below will lead to various websites that offer regular devotional posts. We encourage you to take the time to look through the list and find a favorite to come back to again and again. Caregiving can be exhausting and defeating work, and we need to keep our eyes on God to receive the strength needed to walk this beautiful, but difficult, journey.

incourage blog
Dayspring, the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc., created an online community of women with a goal of bringing women into deeper community with Christ and with one another. They have a team of 30 well-known Christian authors that regularly post blog articles to spiritually encourage women in their daily walk with God.

Proverbs31 Ministries
Proverbs 31 Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry reaching women in the middle of their busy days through free devotions and various other resources. Proverbs 31 Devotions offer real-life solutions to those striving to maintain life’s balance, in spite of today’s hectic pace and cultural pull away from godly principles. Wherever a woman may be on her spiritual journey, these devotions will relate to the challenges she faces and will encourage her as she walks toward the heart of God.

Daily Devotions for Caregivers
Jeanie Olinger was thrust into caregiving after her son experienced a tragic accident. While feeling alone, she realized there was a whole community of caregivers needing spiritual encouragement. On this blog, Jeanie posts regular devotions sharing how her faith is carrying her through these difficult times of caregiving, and how God's word is encouraging her heart.

Revive Our Hearts
Revive our Hearts is a part of the True Woman Movement started by Nancy Demoss. Their goal is to call women to freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ through devotions encouraging women to discover and embrace God's design and mission for their lives.

Christian Caregiving
Geared specifically toward family caregivers, Sharon Van Der Waal relies on her experience of caring for her husband to share encouraging thoughts to others walking along that same journey. Caregiving is a very noble and important role. It can also be emotionally and physically draining. Sharon's devotionals encourage caregivers in this all consuming but vital ministry for which many caregivers feel ill equipped. She points to the Lord as the caregiver's source of strength and seeks to provide practical and spiritual encouragement.

My Daly Outreach
In 2006, at the age of 34, Jessica Daly became her husband's caregiver after he was diagnosed with congestive cardiomyopathy. During her caregiving journey, she recognized the need for encouragement and spiritual renewal in the lives of caregivers. She writes on this blog for those who have cared, currently care, or see caregiving in their futures. She says, “My strength has come from the Lord, and I want all caregivers to receive all the blessings that I have received.”

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