Devotional Thoughts for Caregivers

A Caregiver Has Blessings Galore Tue, Apr 17 2012

A Caregiver Has Blessings Galore
By Mary Katherine Kohl

My days are trying but God holds me up.
He comes to my rescue and fills my cup.
'Cause when I'm weak I feel His grace,
I sense His presence and I see Christ's face.
When I'm crumbling – like I'm going to fold
God comes to my rescue with graces untold!
I look for lessons that I may learn
For a closer walk I constantly yearn.
So no matter the stresses or the endless messes
The Lord is with me and He continually blesses!
He gives me peace down deep in my soul;
Forgiving and cleansing, He makes me whole.
So being a caregiver has blessing galore,
Keeping me grateful for this loving chore.
I forget about self – that's one thing for sure
As I think of my client and what he must endure.
I wonder how I'd feel – if this were happening to me.
I doubt I could handle it as well as he!

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