Devotional Thoughts for Caregivers

A Life Worth Living Wed, Feb 1 2012

The only life living is the scandalous one: scandalous love, offensive mercy, foolish faith. Kiss babies. Always have one friend that feels on the fringe, that you have to pray to love, that makes the neighbors scratch their heads. Stubbornly pray for your enemies till you see enemies are illusions and everyone is a friend and somehow grace.

Believe in God-sized dreams.

Be the kind of person who apologizes first because that’s the only way happiness can last.

Never forget that happiness is when His Word and your walk are in harmony.

Never stop keeping company with Christ– and all the sinners, tax-collectors and cast-offs. Be an evangelist and use your words with your hands because you’re part of a Body.

Never stop loving God with all your heart, mind and soul, and loving others as yourself. Make this your creed.

It’s true: Be different and know everything you do matters. It’s what Christ’s followers know: One person with God can change a culture! God didn’t put people in your path mostly for your convenience; He put you there for theirs. Loving the poor will make you rich, I promise. Only when you offer yourself as bread, broken and given, to a hungry world, will you ever be satisfied. The only life worth living is the one lost.

And no matter how loud and crazy and broken the world is, let joy live loud in your soul. Really believe that you are His beloved – it’s only when you trust He loves you that you really begin to live. Count a thousand blessings; never stop! Sing to no one and everyone, and laugh so much they question your sanity. Pet the dog long. Because really, not one of us knows how long we have. A whole life can be lost in minutes wasted… in the small moments missed.

Do it often: grab a lifeline by stepping off-line. You’ll see your true self when you look for your reflection in the eyes of souls not the glare of screens.

This is what you always need to know: You have nothing to prove to anyone – if you’re in Him, you are already approved. Be okay with not being liked: life’s about altars not applause. And be okay with not being seen or heard. It’ll let you hear and see better.

And no matter the road or what paths you cross, wear the call to His sacrificial, radical way.

~ Ann Voskcamp

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