Devotional Thoughts for Caregivers

Guide Me to Love Wed, Oct 13 2010

Caregivers could use Peter's prescription to start the day. These are wise doctor's orders. Peter describes how we would want other people to treat us. His words can be seeds of virtue that we plant in our soul and recall during the day. As the seeds grow, we will truly be a blessing to those for whom we care, and we will be blessed in return.

So many times, dear God, I'm tempted to be less than tenderhearted, and my soul lacks humility. But I do not want to contribute to abuse or evil in this world; there is far too much already. When the times that I feel like being hard or harsh or hurtful arise, let me consciously replace those feelings with a decision to be a blessing. I need your help. Guide me to love.

Source: Guntzelman, Joan. 124 Prayers for Caregivers, p. 59.

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