Devotional Thoughts for Caregivers

A Caring Compassion Wed, Mar 24 2010


The account of Jesus' life in the four gospels gives us the answer to His amazing power with people. Repeatedly the text reads, “He looked at them with eyes of compassion.” Within a verse or two, something else becomes apparent: “He touched them.” Everywhere Jesus went He did those two things.

1. He looked at people, showing He really cared about them.
Compassion always makes me feel like people are concerned about my feelings, emotional responses, and hurts. Instead of feeling threatened, I feel valued and loved. Usually that feeling comes nonverbally from someone before he or she speaks a word.

2. He touched people.
The person who touches others with a warm greeting or affirming pat appears much more approachable and is perceived as a person of warmth. Intimidation is not present. Fears begin to melt away.

- Carol Kent
Tame Your Fears

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