Caregiver of the Month

June 2015 Mon, Jun 1 2015

Congratulations, Mary Lynn K.!

Mary Lynn has been a RAD caregiver for 13 years and has cared for a wide variety of clients during her many years of service. Her sweet spirit and kind personality allow her clients to feel immediately comfortable in her presence, and they trust her to respectfully and graciously meet their needs.

Recently, Mary Lynn has taken on several Sunday openings, and this shift is typically a challenge to schedule. We are thankful for her flexibility with these appointments and her willingness to help out. She does a wonderful job working with teams of other RAD caregivers, doing her share of the required tasks and promoting a spirit of teamwork and unity. Other caregivers look forward to the opportunity to interact with her.

Mary Lynn has continued to grow in her caregiving skills during the years she has served as a RAD caregiver, as well as the opportunities she has received in her personal life to care for others. We appreciate her tender heart for others and her natural inclination to serve those that come across her path in life.

Congratulations, Mary Lynn, on being caregiver of the month for June!

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