Caregiver of the Month

April 2015 Fri, Apr 10 2015

Congratulations, Sue S.!

Sue S. is a natural caregiver. Not only does she care for her husband, children, and grandchildren, but she also makes a special place in her heart for her RAD clients. Recently, she agreed to try overnight assignments, and the schedulers are grateful for her willingness to fill in for several openings! She also has accepted some fill-in assignments on Sundays, which is outside of her availability. We know these clients were grateful for her willingness to set aside her normal routine to provide the care they needed.

Sue has built a relationship of trust and respect with her clients, and they know she has their best interest at heart in all she does. The RAD office staff is grateful for Sue’s tender, gracious heart, and her desire to be a blessing to others!

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